West Highland Way signage

Multi funded project that will make the first 100 metres of the West Highland Way a much more interesting and inspiring experience. It will also fill in a gap right in the heart of the town centre with a beautiful artwork which we hope will be much admired and photographed.

We were fortunate to be ‘gifted’ three young architects from Page & Park who fleshed out our original thoughts and have brought them to life in a steel and wooden structure that is both aesthetically pleasing and also aids safety by encouraging walkers to stay on the pavement at the foot of the ramp. The BID invested £16,000 in a project costing around £55,000.

Other funders were Scottish Natural Heritage, Glasgow Flight path Fund, West Highland Way Management Group and East Dunbartonshire Council Healthy Habits Fund.

Main Street mural art

The existing mural in the underpass leading from the town centre to Tesco and Gavin’s Mill has been rather dull for a long time. It is a busy route and seemed an obvious site to brighten up with  street art.

Underpass to Tesco and Gavin's Mill - West Highland Way 96 miles

We have also included the area that comes out of the underpass and up into the village which was previously simply plain grey concrete. We engaged Art Pistol to come up with an interesting modern design.

The result has been the largest painted factual map certainly in Scotland, and possible the UK, which depicts on one side the route of the West Highland Way and on the other, Milngavie’s position between the city and the countryside. The cost of the project was £10,000. For this we will have a feature that we can use very positively to promote and market our town as well as providing a visually stimulating mural for locals and visitors alike. We plan to introduce more street art in other areas of the town centre in the next BID term.

Street Banners

As part of an ongoing and holistic marketing campaign to promote the town and drive footfall and consumer spend, we have replaced all the street banners to reflect a new look and the recent  ownership of Milngavie.co.uk domain and website, along with the associated twitter feed @milngavie

Milngavie Banner dual carriageway

Street Planters for Milngavie in Bloom

The volunteers in Milngavie in Bloom are an inspiration to everyone in Milngavie. They give up their time to work tirelessly in both greening the town centre and also picking up litter wherever they go.

Milngavie In Bloom volunteers

It seemed natural for the Improvement District to first of all purchase a number of large three tier planters and then pay for the bi-annual changing of the flowers. For the relatively modest sum of around £1,000 per annum, we get spectacular floral arrangements all through the precinct.