Since May 2019, despite a global pandemic, the Milngavie business improvement district (BID) has delivered over £766,000 of investment in the town, delivering on the business plan that businesses voted on.

The BID team and directors are working on a four year-progress report detailing many of the major achievements and are consulting with local business owners for feedback on how about the projects have benefited their businesses and Milngavie as a whole.

Graeme Ross, chair of Milngavie BID said As we work towards the development of a further business plan and earning a Yes vote for another 5 years, the BID team will continue to work on delivery of the plans to the end of this BID term in April 2024.  While we highlight our achievements in the report, we will not dwell upon them over the coming months. There will be new challenges facing all businesses in the years ahead and the BID team will welcome the opportunity to keep working and developing a Milngavie fit for the next five years and beyond.”

The business consultation process will also ask business owners if the volunteer board of directors and BID team have achieved enough to vote Yes to continue as a Business Improvement District until 2029. For details of the report and all that has been achieved, visit to download the report in full.

Scotland Loves Local Week

The business consultation is taking place as the first ever Scotland Loves Local Week launches from 28th August to 3rd September, to celebrate everything local. Scotland Loves Local is the campaign putting localism at the heart of a stronger, greener, fairer Scotland. 

When we love local, we can create better places to live, work and visit. By loving local, we are choosing to back local businesses, and build stronger communities that can respond to the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency. 

True economic and environmental sustainability lies in our local communities. Scotland Loves Local is the beating heart of positive change – bringing together the people, businesses, and community representatives who can build a better future. Milngavie BID has been supporting and promoting the loves local message through this BID term.

News also published as the feature article in the October edition of the Bearsden and Milngavie Community Magazine.

Milngavie BID prepares for renewal ballot as Scotland Loves Local Week approaches
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